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ASSAULTRIFLE Silencer / Suppressor


The” Lock & Twist” mounting system was developed by SAI back in 2007 and enables the user to fit the silencer / suppressor to the standard NATO Flash Suppressor without the need of tools and without any alterations to the firearm. The Gas Seal unit completely removes excess gas from disturbing the shooter and stabilizes the bullet as the bullet will normally leave the muzzle in an asymmetrical environment as the Standard NATO A2 Flash Suppressor is partially closed.

Important features:

  • Symetrical locking system
  • No alterations to the gun needed
  • Quick mounting and dismounting
  • Fits to Standard NATO A2 Flash Suprepressor
  • Completely removes excess gas from disturbing the shooter

The SAI “Lock and Twist” mounting system with gas seal unit is build into the SAI manufactured M80 series of silencers / suppressors for Cal. 5,56 assault rifles fitted with the standard NATO A2 Flash Suppressor. Variants of the SAI manufactured M80 series of silencers has been made for the Enfield SA80 and H&K G36 and 416 for both carbine and rifle versions. SAI Manufactures silencers with the “Lock and Twist” mounting system and gas seal unit is currently in use by several military and police forces.

The product is tested in action in many of the world trouble spots, and performs equally well in very different climates under extreme harsh conditions, from tropical heat and dusty environments to the cold weather conditions in mountainous areas.