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Cal. .22 lr rifle with integrated silencer

Firearms with integrated silencer - a few words in general

A firearm with an integrated silencer, is a firearm with a build in silencer that is a physical part of the weapon. Usually the firearm can not be safely fired without the silencer parts attached.

At SAI we differentiate between integrated silencer firearms, one type being a firearm in a certain caliber with a muzzle speed much faster than the speed of sound, the other type being a firearm in a certain caliber with a muzzle speed a little faster than the speed of sound. A silencer body that covers the barrel does not mean that you have an integrated silencer. If no gas holes exist in the barrel this is just a large standard silencer.

The general idea of using a firearm with an integrated silencer is having a caliber where the muzzle velocity can be reduced to less than the speed of sound when using supersonic calibers. The principle is, that some of the gasses are bled into the rear part of the silencer body, thereby reducing the bullet speed. If the caliber cannot safely be reduced to less than the speed of sound, the general value of an integrated silencer is much reduced, as there will still be a supersonic bang, and a screw-on silencer is most often a more economical solution.

The calibers most optimal for a firearm with an integrated silencer is, .22 l.r., 9 mm Para, Socom types etc.

Usually SAI firearms is calibrated for standard velocity ammunition, this means that the use of high speed ammunition may result in reduced sound attenuation as this ammunition may still travel at supersonic speed.

Cal. .22 l.r. firearm with SAI made integrated silencer.


This particular firearm is build on a JW-15 action with the following data:

Type:                                                bolt action rifle with magazine.

Caliber:                                            .22 l.r.

Barrel lenght:                                 250 mm

Total lenght:                                    1.035 mm

Weight:                                            2.450 g



Ammunition used:                      CCI Standard Velocity

Before calibration:                     325 – 335 m/s

After calibration:                         280 – 290 m/s

(Bullet speed measure: muzzle + 1,5m)


Service and Maintenance

The silencer body can be removed from the firearm. Unscrew the front action retaining screw.The silencer body can now be removed.

We recommend that the silencer/ firearm is cleaned after each shooting session.