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SAI Sub Machine Gun - SMGA1

Introducing the newly developed SAISub Machine Gun SMGA1:

The SAI Sub Machine Gun SMGA1 can be made in a variety of versions and set-ups  according to costumer request.

Version Shown:

Type:          Sub machine gun/machine pistol

Caliber:       9 mm Parabellum

Rails:           Top- and side rail.

Silencer:      Integrated silencer

Barrel:         185 mm, ported with gas holes.

Grips:          M4 type and front stick grip.

Rear stock:  6 positions

Bolt type:     closed bolt

Magazine:   Hovea/CG type, capacity 36 cartridges in double stack

Lenght:        770 mm – 845 mm

Trigger:       3-position, (S-F-B) Safe-Fire(Single Shot)-Burst(salvo)

Weight:        3.650 g

Calibration:  calibrated for standard super sonic 9 mm P ammunition. (Bullets leaves barrel with sub-sonic speed, because of gas bleeding inside silencer casing.)


Optional version

1.     4 rails possibility.

2.     With or without integrated silencer, or with removable SAI silencer.

3.     Different barrel lenghts.

4.     With folding rear stock, with or without front grip.

5.     Open, delayed or semi delayed blowback, or closed bolt versions.

6.     Several magazine options.

7.     Trigger systems; S-B, S-F-B, S-F-3B-B.

8.     Bull-pup version.

9.     Right or left hand operation.