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The above clip shows a test shooting in FEB 2014 with the VALMET RK 62 (Finnish Army) with & without the SAI EVOLUTION Silencer / Suppressor.



The above clib showa a test shooting cal .308 sub- & supersonic and with the Carbon Hunter silencer / Suppressor:

This clip shows a test shooting in FEB 2014 with cal .308 sub- & supersonic ammunition and with & without our Carbon Hunter Silencer / Suppressor:



The above clip shows the patended SAI M80 "LOCK & TWIST" Mounting system based silencer / Suppressor: 

The SAI M80 family of silencers / suppressors has its basis in the lock & twist mounting system developed by SAI. This locking system enables the user to fit the M80 to the standard NATO flash suppressor without the need of tools and without any alterations to the firearm. Please have a look at our new video that really shows how easy and effective our system is: 




Introducing the SAI CSR-A1