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The SAI airgun silencers.


SAI manufactures several airgun silencers for the .177 (4,5 mm), .22 (5,5 mm) caliber air guns and larger caliber air guns. 


SAI also offers different adaptors for spring power and CO2 model Air guns


Common to all is steel tube, aluminium/rubber/plastic baffle set up and black hard coated surface. 


Fitting includes thread, allen-screw, clamp fit and slip on.


The allen-screw fit models includes a tool.


All SAI airgun silencers are made to order, and can be made to fit a specific airgun model.


All silencers are individually packed in batches of 25PCS.


The Airgun Silencers are only suitable for airguns and may not be used for firearms.


 If you are a dealer, please request our price list: