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Introducing the SAI CSR-A1

SAI has reentered the firearms making business, after concentration on sound suppresser development and production, and firearms spare parts manufacture, we have now decided to expand into complete firearms production. SAI has previously made complete firearms to other civilian companies and to special government order in calibers ranging from .22 lr. to .50 BMG. Junior cadet training rifles as well as long range counter sniper rifles.

We will now introduce our Counter Sniper Rifle (CSR) model A1.


Rifle shown is the SAI CSR-A1 in caliber .300Win. Mag., fitted with the SAI Evolution HC sound suppressor, adjustable chin support, Harris front support and rear adjustable leg. The SAI CSR-A1 Rifle is available in several versions, including folding buttstock, integrated silenced barrel, several different calibers, shorter versions, recoil reducer, extended picatinny rail, winter trigger, extra magazines, extended magazine capacities etc.

The SAI CSR-A1 rifle series is aimed at the medium range counter sniping area. Made for rough and hard field use with a minimum of service necessary enables this rifle to be operated in very harsh environments under stressed conditions.


Introducing the SAI CSR-50 .50BMG caliber rifle:

Made in several versions the SAI .50 BMG rifle is now available. Build as a Bull-pub system configuration the SAI CSR-50 has the advantage of a relatively short weapon yet retaining a long barrel.

Being a super hardhitter  the .50BMG cartridge does repay with some recoil - even for seasoned rifle shooters. SAI has as standard equipped the gun with a super effective muzzle brake and as an option the SAI gas recoil containing system is also available for this gun, as well as options like left hand version, angled picatinny rail etc. The Lothar Walther match grade barrel is a good friend when it comes to very long range target shooting. Also available for this gun is the SAI heavy duty 3 position front support and adjustable rear support leg.




Specifications: (L-version)
Caliber: .50BMG (12,7x99) L. Walther match barrel
Length: 1.285 mm
Barrel length: 53mm
Weight: 865g
Material: All Steel
Surface: Corr-i-dur (Black)

Attachment to firearm:


Muzzle brake

Attachment for Harris bipod









Double gas shock absorbers

Choice of left or right hand action,

Low profile or traditional high-up scope/sight rail

L-long or K-short versions available

Rear adjustable support

Full length Picatinny rail

Foldable carrying handle

Short range back-up sights



Special foldable bipod

Sound suppressor