Doing business with Sai

By Danish law, firearm suppressors are independent weapons. This means that SAI is required to provide individual export permits when exporting our products. Export permits for hunting and sporting use with the EU and Norway are issued by the local police force, and by the Danish Ministry of Justice for military applications and export outside the EU/Norway.

The Danish rules in short

Generally speaking, the sound suppressor industry in Denmark is highly regulated. Even if the importation and/or use of sound suppressors are unregulated in the importing country, SAI is still required to provide formal documentation regarding the import.

Regulations vary slightly depending on the products being sold and the end user.

Civilian products for hunting and sporting activities

The products we produce for hunting and sporting applications are equally regulated. In order for SAI to obtain an export permit, the following documentation is required from the importing country

1. A specific import licence for the ordered SAI products AND a copy of a valid dealers licence.


2.  A general licence for importing sound suppressors (may be limited to a range of calibers, etc.). In some countries, such a licence is incorporated into the standard dealers licence.

If the relevant local authorities are unable to issue such a licence (as is often the case in countries where sound suppressors are unregulated), then a statement must be provided by the local police force or official government agency/organisation stating that “No restrictions on the importation of sound suppressors exist.” AND “The importing country has no objection to the issuing by the Danish authorities/police of an export licence for the relevant SAI products.”. A copy of a valid dealers licence must also be included.

The next step is to submit the licences/authorities statement and our export licence application to the Danish police authorities/Ministry of Justice. This process typically takes from three to six weeks. 

Military/police products for professional applications

When purchasing military/police products for professional use, an End User Certificate (EUC) MUST ALWAYS be provided.

An EUC must be printed on official military/police paper and the original sent to SAI.  Once we receive the EUC together with the product order, the original documents (including our export permit application) are sent to the Danish Ministry of Justice. This process typically takes from four to six weeks.

Spare parts

SAI manufactures spares parts in any component for both current and out-of-production firearms, such as assault rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and pistols. We are able to able to provide almost any component, including springs, striker pins, screws, flame suppressors, gas recoil mechanism parts, pins, hammers, extractors, recoil reducers, bolt parts, gas shock absorption for heavy caliber firearms and more.

Servicing, repair and maintenance

We are a valued providor of contract-based, on-location firearm servicing, repair and maintenance services for police and military forces around the world.

Training services

Our team of highly skilled firearms experts are always on hand to deliver targeted training of your personnel.

Whether you are a hunter looking to take your passion to the next level, a buyer responsible for an investment in sound suppressors and firearms-related hardware, or a government agency looking for a quality servicing, repair and maintenance partner, contact us today to discuss how SAI can help you find the right solution for you.


We do not sell to private customers, only authorised weapon dealers and wholesalers.

If you are an individual looking to purchase one of our sporting or hunting products, then please contact your local sporting/hunting retailer or local weapon dealer to arrange the purchase for you.

Own Brand

Do you want to market your own brand sound suppressors? Contact us to discuss which combination of materials, baffle elements, sizes, weights, types, etc., we can provide. We manufacture sound suppressors for a range of types and brands of airgun and .22 to .50 caliber firearms.

Licenced production

Manufacturers in many different countries have now been producing SAI civilian and military products under licence for a number of years. Recognising this is a successful formula, we are always looking for opportunities to expand the production of our products under licence to more countries.

SAI are also producing under local brand names – even with specially developed specific models.