Military, Police & Security

Fitting the special designed SAI silencers / suppressor to Heckler&Kock G3-types, Kalashnikov AK-series of assault rifles or Rheinmetall MG3 machineguns, will completely redefine handling and shooting of these guns, giving the user great advantages in much lesser noise, being much more difficult to discover and point out in firefights, the gun being much more steady giving the user a higher accuracy on increased range, while still maintaining the heavier hitting power from the .30 caliber.

The main product line is our M80 series of .223 caliber quick fit to Nato type flash suppressor. We use our own ”Lock and Twist” system enabling the user to fit the suppressor in seconds without the use of tools. The SAI gas seal design fitted to the suppressor seals of all gasses from disturbing the shooter. The M80L is the do-it-all model for any purpose used on rifle and carbine versions, in use on the shooting range as well as in live action. The M80CQS50 (Close Quarter Suppressor) is a shorter version designed for the short barreled carbine versions where utmost handiness is needed, in confined areas, like buildings, vehicles etc. Our military, police and security suppressors is used worldvide and in daily action in the worlds trouble spots.

As we are continously developing our products we can meet costumer demands for suppressors for specific purposes, ie. Maximizing emphasis on light weight. Maximizing flash suppression etc. The suppressors of the M80 series are Nato certified and numbered.