SAI G3 Silencer / suppressor

The SAI G3 silencer / suppressor is developed for the Hecker & Koch G3 assault rifle in caliber 7,62 Nato. 

The original flash suppressor is removed and the SAI G3 silencer is screwed onto the original muzzle thread – An economic way to Mid-life-update (MLU) the older G3 assault rifle. No tools needed, the silencer is a barrel overlapping design, taking advantage of the "free space" in front of the sight, without blocking the vision. The SAI G3 silencer / suppressor is a very good choice for upgrading the older G3 assault rifles, giving the user an all new and much better feeling of much reduced noise, much less recoil and highly reduced flash, but still keeping the harder hitting power of the .30 caliber round compared to the .223.

Caliber: Caliber 7,62 NATO (.30)
Length: 220mm
Diameter: 53mm
Weight: 850g
Material: All Steel
Surface: Corr-i-dur (Black)
Attachment to firearm: Rheinmetal Standard