EVO- 3A series of Silencers / Suppressors

SAI – EVO3A series

The EVO3A is an improved version of our former Evolution series of barrel overlapping silencers. The Evolution models has been made by SAI in calibers from .222 to .50 BMG in a wide variety of models over a period for more than 10 years. All the time being improved following new experiences in test and daily use by hunters, sports shooters police and military units all over the world.

Key features:

  • Rear compression chamber
  • All steel construction
  • Sound in frequency area of less human disturbance
  • Compared to muzzle mounted models, improves balance of gun
  • Due to non-traditional weight distribution, improved handling
  • Non scratch bushing

In 2018 we decided that the first generation of Evolution was so different from the ones in production that it was time for a “new” model name. Therefore, the EVO3A designation was introduced and following in 2020 the EVO3A with new improved surface treatment came into production. Models has been made for semi and full automatic firearms, where its overlapping design envelops the barrel made to custom fit many different protruding barrel lengths. The SAI H&K G3 standard 7,62 model is an example of such a development.

EVO-2A Standard (ST):
Caliber: .222 to .30
Weight: 570g
Standard Thread: M14x1, M14x1,5, M15x1
EVO-2A Big-Bore (BB):
Caliber: 9,3 - .45-70
Weight: 705g
Standard Thread: M14x1, M14x1,5, M15x1
EVO-2A Ultra Heavy Caliber (UHC)
Caliber: .375, .338, etc.
Weight: 860g
Standard Thread: M15x1
General Specifications
Length: 227mm.
Diameter: 50mm
Protrusion from muzzle: 95mm
Max. barrel diameter: 22mm
Material: All steel
Surface: Corr-i-dur (Black)