SAI SGS12 Shotgun

The SAI Shotgun Suppressor / Silencer is originally intended for use at shooting ranges where the environment is disturbed by noise. The shooter can easily wear hearing protection, but you cannot expect people living next to shooting ranges to do so. Also, it is designed to protect the shooter, bystanders and hunting dogs from hearing damages, and also to disturb game as little as possible.

The SAI shotgun suppressor is developed over a long period testing many different models and set ups. The model SGS12 presented here, is developed having our mind on balance of weight, size, effect, handling, price and mode of fit to gun, in order to find the essence of a practical solution to a difficult challenge.

Caliber: 12 gauge, shot or slug. Subsonic and super sonic.
Gun type: Use on single barrel, semi auto and pump action shotguns with removable chokes.
Baffels: SAI pat. pend. 6-stage system and V-shaped baffels.
Fit to gun: *) Remove choke and fit suppressor using choke thread inside barrel (pat.pend. mode of use). No need to make alterations to gun.
Sights: Fixed sights can be used as normal, due to the build form.

Can be taken apart for cleaning

Lenght: 330 mm ( extending barrel )
Diameter: 50 mm
Weight: 475 g
Material: Carbon fibre, steel and aluminium
Surface: Matt black, hard coat on metal surfaces

*) Ask SAI for supply of a suppressor for your particular shotgun.

(Data vary slightly due to different type/(Shape of choke)