SAI SMG-Tiger Cub

The "Tiger Cub" from SAI is a sub machine gun in calibre 9x19 ( 9 mm Para )

The SMG is made in modules and can be build-up according to costumer's requests. Choice of magazine, rails, grips, stocks, handles, barrel, frame length etc. Several of the modules can be made in different material types as well. It can even be supplied in a FPV drone carried version.

The SMG is an ambidextrous design with right side ejection port.

SAI SMG Specifications: PDW version
Calibre: 9 mm P (9x19)
Mode of operation: Closing assist blow back overlapping bolt, non reciprocating bolt handle, fully ambidextrous with right side ejection port.
Mode of fire: Single shot, automatic and 3 round burst
Length: PDW version with collapsable buttstock. 41 cm folded, 59 cm extended.
Trigger pull: 33 cm
Barrel Length: 17,5 cm
Width: 4 cm less rail, buttstock 5,8 cm
Height: 19 cm
Mag capacity: 30 rounds, double stack - adaptable to other bespoke mags.
Rate of Fire 700 rpm
Trigger Unit: For ease of maintenance and field repairs, the trigger parts are replaced as one complete unit.
Extras: Sound suppressor, muzzle recoil reducer, side rails, front grip and brass catcher, bold hold open catch.
Versions avaliable: Can be supplied with rifle type adjustable rear stock, bespoke magazine and longer barrel.
Field stripping: Strips in only two parts + magazine, giving very easy access to maintenance.
Sight attachement: Full length top rail and rail or rail attachments at 3,6 and 9 o'clock positions.