Introduction: Who are we?

Welcome to SAI

For nearly half a century, Small Arms Industries has been designing and manufacturing small arms and sound suppressors for security forces, police, military forces in NATO and NATO-associated states.

Small Arms Industries is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark.

Our reputation for quality, innovation, and safety makes us a recognized player in the development of technologically advanced products. And the long-term durability of all our products makes them especially cost-effective when subjected to

total life cycle cost analysis.

Since 2007 SAI has been granted approval by the Danish Ministry of Justice for the production of all types of hand held weapons for civilian/military, including full automatic firearms. SAI has also been granted approval to produce sound suppressors, spare parts and bullets for the aforementioned weapon types, including NATO certified variants.

SAI also undertakes service and maintenance of government firearms and participates in industrial development programmes, upgrading existing firearms systems.