Introduction: Who are we?

Welcome to SAI

Welcome to Small Arms Industries (SAI), a premier entity with nearly five decades of experience in the design and manufacture of small arms and sound suppressors. Our clientele encompasses security forces, police, and military units within NATO and associated states.

Located in Aarhus, Denmark, Small Arms Industries serves as a beacon of excellence in the arms manufacturing sector. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and safety has established us as a distinguished contributor to the advancement of cutting-edge products. Moreover, the enduring reliability of our offerings ensures their cost-effectiveness, as evidenced through comprehensive total life cycle cost analysis.


Since 2007, SAI has been officially authorized by the Danish Ministry of Justice to produce an extensive range of hand-held weapons for both civilian and military applications, including fully automatic firearms. Additionally, we have received approvals to manufacture sound suppressors, spare parts, and ammunition for the specified weapon categories, encompassing NATO-certified variants.


SAI is also engaged in the service and maintenance of governmental firearms and plays an active role in industrial development initiatives aimed at the enhancement of existing firearms systems.