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SAI - GR-22 and GR-9 rifles

The SAI GR-22 and GR-9 rifles are new developed in 2019.


Model:                                GR-22                                                   GR-9

Maker:                                SAI, Hjortshoej, Denmark  
Gun type                             Magazine repeater             
Stock type                           Ambidextrous right/left hand                 
Barrel type                          Hammer forged                 

Caliber                                .22 lr.                                                 9 mm Para
Action type                         Pistol grip manual repeater                     
Suppressor system              Integrated    
Suppressor casing               Carbon tube                                        Alu. tube
Magazine                            10 shot                                               Glock type
Rear stock                          Adjustable 5 position in length               
Cheek support                    Adjustable 8 positions up/down             
Pistol grip                           M4 compatible                  
Barrel stabilizer                  SAI type barrel stabilizer    
Rail                                   Top of receiver                   
Safety                               Manual S/F and trigger/hammer safety 


The repeating system:
The novel short stroke repeating system enables the operator to fire rapid aimed shots with a closed bolt and keep a firm grip on the gun when shooting. The closed bolt is important when effective sound suppression is wanted, compared to semi or fully automatic rifles that invariably has extra noise from the ejection port/operating system. 
Being a non gas/recoil operating system, very little debris will soil up the action when compared to above mentioned systems.

The suppressor system:
The SAI developed suppressor system is integrated in the design of the rifle. The GR-22 has a carbon tube cased suppressor system. The GR-9 features a free floating barrel inside the aluminium cased suppressor system, with possibility to add extra suppressor elements to the casing not the barrel itself, thereby effectively reducing change of impact compared to traditional designs. Extra suppressor elements are available from SAI and includes polymer baffle units.

The gas bleeding system:
The GR-9 can be ordered (Government only) with a gas bleeding system, thereby calibrating the gun to a specific cartridge type, using standard supersonic cartridges leaving muzzle at subsonic speed in order to extreme silence the gun.

The barrel stabilizer:
The GR-9 features a barrel stabilizer unit, it is a 3D printed metal unit developed by SAI with metal powder inside an otherwise solid casing. This unit reduces barrel vibrations and limits bullet vibrations therefore bullet flight speed is optimized when compared to standard barrels.

The barrels:
The barrels are hammer forged around a mandrel; a process developed for machine gun barrels that has to withstand very hard punishment. The surface of the barrels is hardened in this process and extremely durable.

The magazine system:
The GR-9 model has as standard a Glock compatible magazine. This model can be ordered (Government only) with other types of 9 mm Para calibre magazines sin order to have compatible magazines in a law enforcement unit not using the Glock.